Yoga For Weight Loss

yoga for weight lossYoga has been here for ages. It is not just helping in meditation, combat stress but also in weight loss. Yoga for weight loss is now famous and has many benefits. Experts have their own opinion about yoga and weights lose. Yet everyone agrees that yoga can help in weight loss if it has been done in the proper way.

Indeed, yoga is one of the slowest ways to lose weight when compared to cardio and weight lifting training. Yet, Yoga is the most effective way to lose weight in terms of burning calories for longer periods of time. Mostly because you are working on core muscles of your body in yoga. This is much harder to achieve in hardcore cardio and weight lifting training.

Studies have suggested; if you lose weight faster than it will be return faster. This is not the case with yoga because yoga burns calories slowly and in more effective way.

In 2005, the national cancer institute conducted research that shows the positive effects of yoga. Research shows that people who practiced yoga at least 3 times a week gained only 5 pounds. In same period those who did not practice yoga gained 14 pounds.

When it comes to yoga for weight loss, yoga helps in many ways. Yoga boosts the metabolism. This helps prevent your body from storing fats and excess calories. Also yoga also helps to lower stress. when people get stressed, there cortisol levels increase. This makes your body store more fat. Yoga helps by increasing metabolism and lower cortisol levels.

Power yoga vs. traditional yoga for weight loss

To lose weight with the help of yoga, you can practice power yoga. It’s a new style of yoga which was developed in the United states for weight lose purpose only. In traditional yoga, breathing is the main thing you focus on with static poses. Where power yoga is beyond static poses and breathing. It consists of active movements and poses which is bit like aerobic.

Power yoga for weight loss is essentially traditional yoga and aerobics. This combination helps you to lose weight faster than traditional yoga.

Power yoga is also known to be a great way to tone and strengthen muscles. With the help of healthy diet, you can also build muscles with the help of yoga. It could be a slow way to build muscles and burn fat but it is more effective in term to get better and long term results. which could not be achieved with cardio and weight lifting training.

How yoga promotes weight loss?

We have already shown that yoga can help in weight loss by boosting metabolic system and combat stress. Yet these are the basics about yoga for weight loss. Let’s dig a little deeper and see how yoga also works in weight loss.

  1. One of the reasons behind weight gain is hypothyroidism. Yoga activates our thyroid gland which regulates our metabolism and promotes weight loss.
  1. Yoga helps our liver to perform better to detoxify and cleanse our body. If our liver is healthy then it can dispose the fats which cause weight gain.
  1. Power yoga heats up our internal body and nervous system. This helps the fat burning process work faster and burns more fats in short time.
  1. Yoga activates your muscles and stretching pose. In yoga it can be a good aid to burn fats from the muscles you have not moved for ages.
  1. One of the main reasons behind weight gain is that food blocks our colon. Many yoga poses can help to unblock it and clean your colon.

Being overweight is one of the major problems people all around the world are suffering from. The increase in body fat can be due to many factors. For instance, unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activities in our daily lives.  Which means we eating more calories than you are burning.

Just like many reasons for weight gain, there are many ways to lose weight and one of them is hot yoga. Performing hot yoga for weight loss has shown to be very effective. Yoga itself was not developed and practiced for weight loss. Yet today it is considered one of the most effective ways to burn calories and lose weight.

Hot Yoga for Weight Loss

yoga for weight loss

For a more experienced yoga participant, hot yoga may take your weight loss to the next level. Hot yoga for weight loss is a vigorous form of yoga and it is performed in hot temperatures. The purpose of doing hot yoga is to burn more calories and lose weight. The suggested temperature for performing hot yoga is 105 F or 40 C with 40%-50% humidity in air.

Performing hot yoga for weight loss is not something new. its original name is Bikram yoga. It has been practiced under the sun, typically at noon when sun is at its hottest.

Sadhu developed Bikram yoga or hot yoga to talk with their sun God. Today in the modern world, hot yoga is used to burn calories and get a slim body.

There is no specific time suggested for hot yoga for weight loss. Usually a hot yoga session consists of 12 minutes to 90 minutes. The more you do the better/faster you will see results. Hot yoga needs more attention and practice than the other types of yoga.

You are doing it in special environment where your body will sweat more than a usual yoga session. Usually in yoga, your blood pressure stays low or stabilizes to normal. But in hot yoga the flow of blood increase. So, make sure to consult with your doctor before you try hot yoga for weight loss.

Indeed, hot yoga for weight loss is great way to burn calories. Unfortunately, this form of yoga cannot be practiced by everyone. A plus sized individual who has never done yoga could find hot yoga difficult due to temperature and humidity. So, it is better to start from normal and entry level yoga to get used to it.

Also hot yoga for weight loss has not been suggested for those people who are suffering from heart diseases and have breathing problems Such as asthma. also people who have heat illness should not practice hot yoga as well.

To get maximum benefits from hot yoga for weight loss, you need to drink lot of water all day before doing hot yoga to keep your body hydrated. In hot yoga, you won’t only burn calories but also your body will release more sweat than normal. So, it is very important to keep your body hydrated as well during the hot yoga session.

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